The St. Thomas Youth League (STYL) is a group of dedicated, hardworking, and God-fearing youth who strive to grow in their relationship with God. The youth have taken on the Mar Gregorios Orthodox Christian Student Movement (MGOCSM) mission statement, “Worship, Study, Service”, as their own, and have made great efforts to fulfill this mission themselves. With monthly youth meetings, charity events, volunteer work, as well as events promoting fellowship such as our annual STYL Invitational Basketball Tournament, potluck, and holiday-themed festivities, the youth play an active role in their spiritual lives. They strive not only to learn about the faith in their individual walk with God, but also to become examples to one another, to serve each other, as well as worship our Lord in unity. With the guidance of our Achen, the Very Rev. Dr. Yohannan Sankarathil Cor-Episcopa, and our new Assistant Vicar, Rev. Fr. Abey George, we hope to continue our growth in the Word, in prayer, and in fellowship, glorifying Him in all our ways.