Fellowship of Orthodox Christians in the United States (FOCUS) is a spiritual organization that caters to the spiritual needs of the older youth in the American Diocese.

Officially established by the Diocesan Metropolitan’s Kalpana in September of 2005, it has slowly begun to take root in many of the diocese’s major cities such as New York, Philadelphia, Dallas, Chicago, and Houston .

Goals include:

  • To provide spiritual enrichment for young adults and couples via prayer meetings, Bible studies, counseling sessions led by trained professionals, etc.
  • To train young adults to be active in the administration and activities on the parish level.
  • To use the skills and experience of young adults to provide a support system for the young people of our church via Sunday School, MGOCSM, and OVBS.
  • To identify and bring back young adults who have left the church for various reasons, and provide them with a way into the Christian community.