Happy Birthday to our Abey Achen!

The Vicar, Very Rev. Dr. Yohannan Sankarathil Chor Episcopos and the members of St. Thomas Malankara Orthodox Church, LI would like to wish our Achen, Rev. Fr. Abraham (Abey) George a blessed Happy Birthday! As a Church, we really appreciate everything Achen has done for us for the past couple of years. Within the past year, our Church was able to continue to grow spiritually and further explore the world of Orthodoxy. His new position as the Director of the FOCUS of our Diocese allowed his spiritual drive to encourage the passion for Christ into the hearts of the members of the Church.  Achen’s life has been the model by which our parishioners have sprung up within recent years in trying to hold the Church in the correct faith. He has become a spiritual father for many individuals and has motivated them to seek further knowledge of Orthodoxy to become closer to God. Achen has truly blessed us all, through the grace of God, with his life and spiritual demeanor. We pray for Achen and his ministry in the Lord’s vineyard as a priest. May God grant our Achen many years!