Weekly Announcements – 10/29/2017

  1. 2017 Account Statements – 2017 statements, as of 10/22/2017, were sent to all members, please review the statements and let the Treasurer know if there any corrections to made.
  2. Christmas Caroling – This year there will be a new format for Christmas Caroling.  Two groups of carolers will be going on 12/16 and 12/17 to cover all the houses in the parish.
  3. Family Night & Talent Show –  This year Family Night and the Talent Show will be held on 11/24/2017 as fellowship gathering at church.  More details to come in the coming weeks!!
  4. MGOCSM Trip – MGOCSM will be taking a trip to Holy Transfiguration Retreat Center and St. Tikon’s Seminary on Nov. 11, 2017.  Please use this link for registration:  https://goo.gl/forms/Mc1GqrPmyDroTcnh2