Weekly Announcements – 1/1/17

  1. Annual STYL Talent Show  – We had our Annual STYL Talent Show this past Friday. Special thanks to the coordinators and participants. Danniya Samuel and Emily George.
  1. Sunday School Anniversary – Today right before Kaimuthu, We will have our parish Sunday School Anniversary. It will be a short 10-15 min program.
  1. Feast of Baptism of Our Lord  – This Thursday Evening (the 5th), we will be celebrating the Feast of the Baptism of our Lord. Evening prayer will begin at 6:30pm. Nicholovos Thirumeni will be celebrating. Kindly make arrangements to attend.
    • Those will be preparing to receive Holy Qurbana make sure you come prepared- through bodily fast- that would include food and drink unless you have a medical condition advised by your physician (at least by 1pm).
  1. Schedule For the Year – Valiachen and I have been working on a schedule for the year with all the feast days and important days.
  1. Combined Orthodox Christmas Program – Flyer: Sunday, January, 8th, 2017 at 4pm Glen Oaks High School.
  1. FOCUS Meeting – For the month of January will be held on Friday, January 20th at 7pm at the Residence of Mr. Cheriyan Abraham. All FOCUS members are requested to attend. A friendly reminder to bring you Sheehimo Books and Beginning to Pray books.
  1. MGOCSM Faith Study Series – for the month of January will be held on Friday, January 27 at 6pm at church. All MGOCSM members are requested to attend.
  1. Altar Servers Meeting – will be held January 15th after Sunday school. We will have a special class on Hesychasm and the practice of the Jesus Prayer. After that we will have fellowship lunch and all Altar Servers are requested to attend.
  1. Bernard’s Roman Catholic Church – visited us a few months back. They have invited us over now to visit their church. We have arranged for Sunday, January 29th Sunday at 3pm. It will be important for us to pay a visit back and spent time with their community as they were so gracious to come and spend time with us.
  1. Holy Transfiguration Retreat Center –  A friendly reminder that collections are still ongoing.
  1. Confession – Those who would like to do confession kindly inform either of the Achens at your earliest convenience.
  2. 2016 Year In Review – Please see the video montage of 2016, from many of the events we’ve done over the year.