Weekly Announcements – 12/04/16

  1. Nativity Lent – We are in the season of the Nativity lent. I hope the cooks of the house makes dishes that are conducive for lent. As we abstain from food, let us add prayer and reading of the scriptures to our lives. Let us train to keep our bodies and our minds sober during these days. It is also the appropriate time for confession.
  1. Thanksgiving Potluck Dinner – Last Sunday we had our Youth/FOCUS Potluck Thanksgiving Dinner.  Please see the post on the Potluck Dinner and the Photos page for pictures from the event.
  1. Christmas Caroling – We will being Christmas Caroling this afternoon. All those who are able to come kindly.  The schedule for areas being visted are posted in the parish hall bulletin board.
  1. Sunday School UNICEF Collection – I am pleased to announce that our Sunday school children raised $222.07 towards UNICEF. This money will be used to help provide food, clean water, and healthcare for children around the world. Special thanks to all the children parents and Sunday school children that participated.
  1. Sunday School Christmas Tree Gift Program – The area Sunday school will be participating in a Christmas tree gift program with the Salvation Army. Our Church has been assigned to buy 15 gifts for the program. If you are interested in purchasing a gift, please contact the Sunday school principal or Vice principal.
  1. Orma Qurbana for Barnabas Thirumeni – This Thursday, Dec 8th evening, our parish will be hosting the diocesan commemoration of 4th memorial of H.G Mathews Mar Barnabas. Evening prayer will begin at 6:30pm. All are requested to attend.
  1. General Body Meeting – On Sunday, December 18th we will be having the parish General Body to the elect the new Governing body members for the year 2017. All eligible members are requested to attend.
  1. FOCUS Meeting – This Friday we will be having our FOCUS Meeting at 7pm at the residence of Sinu and Giby Jacob. All FOCUS Members are requested to attend. Kindly bring your Shehimo books and Beginning to Pray books.
  1. FOCUS Nation 2017 will be held from Thursday February 9th through Sunday, February 12th, 2017 at Camp Allen in Houston Texas. The Theme of the Conference will be “Becoming Human: A Journey through Orthodox Spirituality”. The Main speaker of the Conference will be Rev. Fr. Abraham (Abey) George. He is the asst. Vicar of St. Thomas Orthodox Church in Long Island. Registration is currently open. Those interested kindly register online by using the following link, FOCUS Nation 2017.
  1. Christmas  Schedule – Special Christmas Evening prayer will be held on December 24th at 6:30pm. Christmas Service on Christmas day will begin at 7am.
  1. Annual Talent Show – The annual talent show will be held on Friday, December 30th at 6:00pm. Mark your calendars and those who are interested in performing the 30th kindly reach out to Danniya Samuel or Emily George.
  1. Holy Transfiguration Retreat Center
    • Each family should donate a minimum of $2000 (within 3 year span)
    • Loans accepted up to 3% interest. We were directed by Thirumeni to collect as a parish for the Dukrono of Valiya Thirumeni December 11th, Sunday.
    • The funds should be send in to the Aramana by Thursday, December 15th.